ZHAOYAO 5PCS Dimming USB 5V 300lm 5730 SMD-6LEDs Lamp White Light – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

. Magical mini LED lights, Fingerprint Control. Environmentally User-friendly power, Double-sided USB design, the pros and cons can be lit
.Liquid crystal display backlight lamp beads thin, ultra-bright. Convenient to use, business travel essentials.
. Touch the black area in the back of a small lamp, LED light from dark to bright; when tapping the back of the touch zone, lights will automatically from light to dark off.
. This section can adjust the brightness of LED lights according to your needs, methods of operation are as follows: When the lamp is lit when long press on the back of the touch area does not let go, the light will begin to gradually darken to your satisfaction brightness when you can let go, when a long press on the back of the touch area again let go, the lights began to brighten,brightness to your satisfaction you can let go.