ZHAOYAO 8Pcs/Lot 3-16mm Woodworking Drill Bit Spacing Ring Locator


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Overview and Specifications:

Name: Drill bit limiter Locator Drill limit ring
Material: carbon steel
Product packaging: OPP plastic bag
Product weight: 66g
Surface: blackening
Specifications: φ3mm, φ4mm, φ5mm, φ6mm, φ8mm, φ10mm, φ12mm, φ16 mm

M3: inner diameter of about 3.2mm, outer diameter of about 9.8mm, thickness of about 3.5mm, height of about 8mm
M4: Inner Diameter: 4.2mm, Outer Diameter: 9.8mm, Thickness: 3mm, Height: 8mm
M5: Inside Diameter: 5.2mm, Outside Diameter: about 11.8mm, Thickness: about 3.4mm Height: about 8mm
M6: Inner Diameter: 6.2mm, Outer Diameter: 11.8mm, Thickness: 3mm Height: 8mm
M8: Inner Diameter: 8.3mm, Outer Diameter: 16mm, Thickness: 3.9mm Height: 8mm
M10: Inner diameter: about 10.3mm, outer diameter: about 18mm, thickness: about 3.8mm Height: about 8mm
M12: Inside Diameter: 12.2mm, Outside Diameter: 20mm, Thickness: about 3.9mm Height: about 8mm
M16: Inner Diameter: 16.2mm, Outer Diameter: 24mm, Thickness: 4mm Height: 8mm
The above data are randomly selected and measured for reference only. Please refer to the actual product for details.
The role of limit ring:
It is mainly used to fix on the drill bit to limit the depth of the drill hole, which can make the depth of the punched holes consistent and facilitate the use of the round wood file.