ZHAOYAO Fashion Infrared Sensor Wireless Eye Massager


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Overview and Specifications:

Product massage principle:
This product is carefully designed by the computer according to the contours of the eye and the distribution of different acupuncture points. There are 24 finger massage contacts (this contact is made of high-purity silicone without any side effects on the skin) and is set in The highly-selected medical health care stone can produce the best magnetic flux. A double-headed motor made of computer IC chips produces the desired massage effect according to the balance between different speeds on both sides.

Operation method and prompt:
Will open the key, click on the boot, this time 9 modes or automatic cycle, and then click on the shutdown.
Change mode: In the infrared emission area, put the palm in this area and pause for 2 seconds, the mode will automatically switch the next one.
If you need to switch to the next mode, you can remove the palm of your hand and put it in the area for 2 seconds. You can switch between 9 modes in sequence.
Speed ​​change: After power on, the default third gear speed, in the infrared emission area, quickly slides the palm of your hand from the infrared area and switches the next gear speed. At this time, a “drip” sound is emitted. One speed and five speeds cycle in turn.
Charging: Insert the DC end of the USB cable into the port of the machine (the red LED lights up and the blue LED lights up when it is full)
Low-electricity alarm: continuous "drop", "drop", "drop" sound
Battery: Built-in 350MAb lithium polymer battery, fully charged 60 times
Time switch: This product defaults to 10 minutes once, after the time is automatically shut down
Infrared control distance: palm distance from the machine infrared emission port 2cm-30cm effective