ZHAOYAO Portable Rechargeable Eye Massager, Vision Restorer


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Overview and Specifications:

Multifunctional rechargeable touch eye massager Eye protection eye massager Massage glasses built-in lithium battery can be charged
Product Features:

1. Daily use of eye nurse massage device can effectively prevent eye myopia, clear eye bags, wrinkles, dark circles and enhance skin elasticity.

2.26 urn magnets constitute a microcirculation magnetic field, can effectively remove eye fatigue, promote blood circulation, can fully relax the brain nerves, have a good effect on poor sleepers and insomnia.

3.9 kinds of circulatory squeezing massage methods can make the eye and ocular muscles fully relaxed, reduce the intraocular pressure, remove soreness caused by overuse of eyes, swelling, pain, dryness, photophobia, and physical symptoms of the lake and other symptoms.

4. Eye nurse massage instrument has 22 neodymium magnet particles, generating a standard magnetic flux of 600-800GS, can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous 3mm, NS polar phase array, forming a circulating magnetic field, effectively improve the eye and brain microcirculation, can eliminate the corner of the eye Wrinkles, dark circles, protect eyesight, improve memory. Suitable for every member of the family.
It is advisable to lie down on the massage when massage, and adjust the angle according to your face shape. In this case, the face fits higher. Eye protection device is a vibrating massage, some points may not be able to massage directly, but the vibration around the point around the blood circulation, the effect is also very good Kazakhstan.
Vibration, rubbing pressure, help the eye oxygenation, improve the ability of the lens to adjust, restore the flexibility of the ciliary muscle, improve eye blood circulation, relieve visual pressure, relieve eye fatigue, reduce visual disturbances, promote metabolism, maintain Eye vision is healthy.