ZHAOYAO SODIAL(R) Y Type (1 to 3) MC4 Branch Connectors M/FFFF + F/MMM Solar Panel Cable – Black (1 Pair)


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Overview and Specifications:

Item no: MC4
Rated voltage: 1000V 
Rated impulse voltage: 1000V 
Rated current: 24A – 14 AWG (2.5mm⊃2;), 30A – 12 & 10 AWG (4mm⊃2; & 6mm ⊃2;) 
Test voltage: 6kV (50Hz) 
Protection grade: IP67 
Insulation material: PC/PA 
Contact material: Copper, silver-plated 
Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +90°C 
Safety class: II Flame class: UL94-V0 
Contact resistance: ≤5mΩ
 Insertion / Withdrawal force: ≤50N / ≥50N 
Suitable for cables: 10, 12, 14 AWG (2.5mm2/4mm2/6mm⊃2;) 
Locking system: Snap-in 
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SODIAL(R) 1 Pair MC4 Branch Y Adapter Connectors M/M/F and F/F/M For Solar Panels Cable .
Operating Current: 20A (4mm2), 30A (6mm2)
Withstanding Voltage: DC1000V
Contact resistance: <= 0.5m¦¸
Insulation resistance:> 500M¦¸
For single-core cable cross-section: 1.5mm2–4mm2
Cable OD Range: ¦µ5mm ~ ¦µ 7mm
Ambient temperature: -40 ¡æ ~ + 105 ¡æ
Protection class: IP67
Security Level:¢ò
Insulation material: PPO, black
Contact: Copper cn, sn Nickel
Flammability rating: UL94-VO
Terminal connection: Crimp
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