ZHAOYAO USB Rechargeable Infrared Induction Lamp 2835 SMD 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light – White


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Overview and Specifications:

Product features:
1. High-efficiency white LED technology: highly efficient, energy saving, long life, energy saving, environmental protection, explosion-proof, suitable for a variety of places.
2. Advanced human body thermal infrared detection sensor technology, with high sensitivity, anti-interference, fast response.
3. Induction control design, it will light when people come, and will automatic delay off when you leave.
4. Built-in light-aware devices, automatic identification of day and night status, daytime automatic standby, night induction light.

Product specifications:
1. With 6 high brightness SMD LED light
2. USB lithium battery charging, no need to replace the battery, more convenient
3. Rechargeable battery capacity: 500 mA
5. LED life: more than 80000 hours, LED brightness: 150lm above
6. Sensitive distance: Up to 3 meters, sensitive angle: 60 degrees, 30 degrees vertical
7. With 3 gear switch:
8. Product working environment temperature: 0 ℃ -40 ℃

Product installation method:
1. Double-sided adhesive paste
2. Magnetic base

1. This lamp built-in photosensitive components, so it may not work in the daytime environment, you need to adjust their own work mode.
2. This lamp built-in lithium battery, USB charging, charging time is generally 2 hours or less, the charge status display red light, full of status display green light.
3. This light is not waterproof; do not put in the rain, severe wet, obvious changes in light and other environments.
4. The sensor light should not be placed in the window, the temperature or light changes in the obvious place, otherwise it may cause malfunction.