ZOMEI Circular Close Up Filter, 8X Optical Camera Lens w/ Caliber 82mm


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Overview and Specifications:

ZOMEI Close up filter:
Camera fitted with normal lenses do not permit us to move closer than a certain minimum distance from the object being photographed. The Close-Up Lens, which is simply mounted in front of our normal taking lens, permits the taking of close-ups and also makes possible the photography of details which would be quite impossible without using the Close-Up Lens.  
Every camera has a limitation of the minimum distance for shooting the picture. That means you cannot go closer to the object more than the distance ecommended by the manufacturer.
With close up lenses you can come closer to your object without actually coming closer to the object and you enjoy the closest possible image of your choice.  Selling High Quality Close Up Lens +1,+2,+3+4+8 and Macro Lens +10 for Macro Photography,fits all other Lenses too with a filter size ideal for Digital and non Digital SLR Cameras.
This kit is ideal to enhance images of small objects such as coins, plants, antiques etc. Four different lenses with different power enhancement or join them altogther to get maximum output of +17d magnification!