0-100mm Digital Vernier Caliper Gauging Tool


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
DIY Supplies : Electrical
Measurement Range : 0-100mm
Material : Plastic
Caliper Type : Digital Calipers
Model Number : E27
Accuracy : Other

1. Product material: plastic fiber.
2. Measuring range: 0-100mm.
3. Accuracy: 0.1mm.
4. Measurement unit: inch in, millimeter mm.
5. Display size: 1.2 inches.
6. Resolution: 0.1mm / 0.01in.
7. Accuracy: ± 0.2mm / ± 0.01in
8. Power supply: 1xLR44 1.5V.
9. Product 3 major functions: can be used for outer diameter measurement, inner diameter measurement, step measurement.
10. Product Features: This digital caliper is made of plastic, and the product is lightweight. Adopt LCD display, easy to read; one button can switch between inch and millimeter, 0-100mm range, strong practicability and wide range of use.