1.2GHz 2.5W AV Transmitter & Receiver Monitoring Kit – Silver + Black


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Overview and Specifications:

– Wireless monitoring kit and AV transmission system

– With frequency switching key, can switch between 12 frequencies;

– LED screen will automatically display frequency once power on;

– Interface: 12V power adapter, video, audio.

Transmitter parameters:

Transmitting power: 2.5W

Transmitting frequency: 1080/1120/1160/1200/1240/1280/1320/1360 (MHz)

Frequency control: Digital frequency phase-locked loop control

Signal transmission: Video and audio synchronous transmission

Straight-line transmission distance: 1000~2000m

Voltage: DC +12V

Current: 3000mA

Receiver parameters:

Modulation type: FM

Receiving frequency: 0.9~1.2GHz

Signal receiving: Video and audio synchronous transmission

Receiving sensitivity: -85dBm

Video input level: 1Vp-p

Audio input level: 1Vp-p

Working temperature: -20~+50°C / -4~+122°H

Working humidity: 85%RH

Storage temperature: -40~+80°C / -40~+185°H

Voltage: DC +12V

Current: 500mA

Application: Household, office, warehouse, hospital, school, supermarket, hotel, farm, etc