1.75mm PLA/ABS Filament Clean Block Antistatic Dust Cleaner For 3D Printer


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Overview and Specifications:

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The cleaning block of filament is made of anti cracking rubber foam material. It can easily slide over standard ABS, PLA or other 3D printing filament of 1.75mm diameters.

Since most filament are made of plastic, they are usually static and can absorb various debris in the storage or workspace of filament. Most industrial filaments use closed tanks to solve this problem. Because most consumer-grade 3D printers use open-ended spool design, it is very important to solve this problem.

When the filament is pulled over the cleaning block, dust, hair, small plastic or other material scraps are wiped off from the surface of filament.

With the hot end, extruders and nozzles become more and more complex and monolithic, and maintenance or replacement costs are high, and may also lead to considerable printer downtime.

Clean blocks prevent all this and can be printed uninterruptedly.