1 Set Replacement Brush Heads For P-HX-6054 HX6054, Electric Toothbrush Head For Philips Sonicare Sensitive Oral Care Multi


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Quantity: 4-20pcs Size: 4-20pcs
Model Number: hx6054 Material: Other
Age Group: Adults

1.Sonicare brush head ever
2.Innovative new brush head profile delivers a gentle experience
3.bristles for a more effective, gentle clean
4.Designed to optimise performance
5.Reminder bristles ensure you are getting an effective clean
6.A brush head that fits multiple handles
7.Snap-on brush head
8.Gentle yet effective cleaning
9.Gently removes plaque for an absolute clean and smooth feel

Material: Sentive Bristles
notes:this is not made by Philips but with low price and good quanlity.
Compatible with the following rechargeable electric toothbrush models:
-HX3110- HX6100- HX6150- -HX6160 -HX6411- HX6431- HX6500- HX6511- HX6530
-HX6710- HX6711- HX6730- HX6731- HX6732- HX6780- HX6781- HX6782- HX6902- HX6910- HX6911- HX6912- HX6930- HX6932- HX6932- HX6933- HX6942- HX6950- HX6952-HX9322 – HX9330 – HX9332 – HX9340 – HX9342 – HX9382- HX6972 – HX6982- R710- R732- RS910- RS930- RS950
And many more models…..

Suitable for Philips SoniCare handles
FlexCare Plus/+