100pcs/set 8x1mm NdFeB Multifunctional Round Magnet DIY Puzzle Toy for Refrigerator


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Metal
Model Number : 8x1mm
Age Range : 10-12Y,13-14Y,>14Y
Pieces : 100


– Super circle magnets do not lose their magnetism over time,long service life.

– Each magnet uses a excellent scratch-free technology that will not leave any scratches.

– Compact appearance,lightweight body,convenient to carry anywhere,portable storage.

– Fine workmanship,every detail reflects the intention,multifunctional,which can freely hold or move on the surface of ferrous metal.


Color: Silver

Quantity: 100PCS

Shape: Round

Size: 8mm × 1mm


-The magnet is very fragile, it is forbidden to collide with other metal objects (including another magnet)

-Keep away from pacemakers, medical precision equipment, electronic equipment

-Carefully disassemble, a strong magnet may hurt your fingers.

-Not suitable for children, need parental supervision.

-Do not eat, can not be placed in the mouth and any part of the body, if you swallow or inhale any magnet, please seek medical attention immediately

-All magnets may be broken. The broken magnet is very sharp. If it is damaged, please discard it completely. The debris is still magnetic. Do not swallow, which will cause serious damage.

-If you are allergic to nickel, please avoid touching the neodymium magnet for a long time.

-Do not cut or drill the magnet.