12PCS / Mini aluminum Hand Electric Drill + 8 holes fixed Vise, Twist Drill Woodworking Drill hand drill hand tool set


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Overview and Specifications:

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Type : Drills,Pliers,Other
DIY Supplies : Woodworking
Application : Other
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Package : Other
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Suitable for: amber beeswax, wood, ivory, horn, olive core, walnut, linden, model, plastic, etc.
Warm reminder: This hand twist drill is not suitable for drilling and deep drilling of hard materials such as agate metal, and it may slip or break the drill.
The chuck is a high precision chuck with 6mm handle. The grip diameter can be clamped in the range of 0.6mm-3.0mm, the body is compact and flexible, saving effort and convenience

The range of the hand drill chuck is 0.6-3mm, the tail of the hand drill can be unscrewed and the drill bit can be stored inside
A set includes: one aluminum alloy drill + ten drills of different sizes
High precision aluminum twist twist drill
This new hand drill chuck is a high precision chuck with 6mm handle. It can hold the shank diameter of 0.5mm-3.0mm,
The body is small and flexible, used for diamond punching, reaming, bodhi, beads and other punching!

Eight-hole fixed vise
ABS engineering plastic [with 4 movable fixed heads, which can be replaced by oneself]
Specifications: length 130mm, width 61mm, height 35mm
Jaw width: 57mm, opening diameter within 53mm