12V Wireless Remote Control Switch Transmitter Receiver with 2PCS Waterproof Keys


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Accessory Type : Extension Board
Compatible With : MCU, ARM, raspberry PI, Arduino


This receiver is powered by 12V or 24V, and the default is single independent relay signal output (i.e., no voltage output). The output end has constant start, normal close end and common end (no voltage) respectively. The switch can be used in two general situations.

1. With 12V or 24V voltage output, this device can directly control 12V or 24 by introducing a positive wire from the input end to the common terminal and sharing the negative wire of the input.

2. Directly connect the normal start and common end on the output side to other voltage circuits to control its opening and closing! (recommended control voltage range: 3v-250v current range: 0.1a-10a resistive load)