160-200x Antique / Jewelry / gem / handicraft identification magnifier


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Other
With Light Or Not : Yes
Style : Handheld
Model Number : 160-200倍
Light Source : Led Light

Turn on the switch of the side LED light, place the object in the center of the protective cover, aim the eyes at the eyepiece, and adjust the focusing knob to the required multiple and clarity until you can see clearly. It can be used in jewelry industry to observe the internal structure, cross-section and molecular arrangement of gemstones, and analyze and identify ore samples and cultural relics. Used in printing industry, it can be used for fine plate, color correction and dot, edge observation, accurate measurement of screen mesh, dot size, overprint error, etc. It can be used in textile industry to observe and analyze fabric fiber and warp and weft density It can be used in electronic industry to observe the line stripe and quality of printed circuit board copper platinum plate. It is used for observation and research of pathogens and insects in agriculture, forestry, grain and other departments. It can also be used for animal and plant specimens。Magnification: 160-200 times (adjustable) Field of view: 4.4mm Working distance: 24.3mm System length: 80mm Numerical aperture: 0.1 System focal length: – 6.25 Ambient temperature: – 20 ~ 50 ℃ Measurement range: 0 ~ 4mm Measurement accuracy: ≤± 1%