18 Pieces Manganese Steel Cutting Set Carving Knife Stone Carving Seal Kit


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Overview and Specifications:

【Specifications】 manganese steel stone set of 18 sets
【Tip】 Manganese steel head material, Arbor black anti-rust treatment
[Manganese steel stone knife] wrapped around the brown silk
A.14 stone engraving knife:
A knife: flathead 3.5mm two
Cutter two: flat head 4.5mm two
Cutter three: a flat 5.5mm
Cutter four: a flat head 6.5mm
Knife five: a flat 8.5mm
Carving knife six: a skew 3.5mm
Cutter seven: 4.5mm inclined mouth
Cutter eight: a round tip 4mm
Carving knife nine: a small flat 4.5mm
Trencher ten: a small flat 5.5mm
Cutter eleven: push a knife 4.0mm
Chisel twelve: pull a knife 4.0mm
Second, a knife bag:
Oxford cloth storage bag a
Three, Indian stone metal vise one
Seal cutting tools stamping bed aluminum clip – bed olive core Bodhi root common engraving printing bed carved bed fixture
Material: aluminum alloy (with 4 yellow fixed head, replaceable)
Specifications: Length 110mm Width 61mm Height 35mm
Jaw width: 55MM, opening diameter ≤ 55MM