2 / 3 / 5 Lines Self-Leveling Green Light Vertical And Horizontal Laser Level For Indoor Outdoor Use


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Line Lasers
Measurement Model : 5 lines
Model Number : YL-14
Size : 21*19.5*17cm
Precision : 5m±1mm
Wavelength : 635nm

Self-Leveling Green Laser Level, 360 Degree Rotary Horizontal Vertical Laser with Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Kindly Note: 5-Line Laser Level includes all functions of 2 lines and 3 lines

1. 2-Line Level:

1 Vertical Line, 1 Horizontal Line, 2 Enhanced Points, 2 Lines 2 Points

2. 3-Line Level:

2 Vertical Line, 1 Horizontal Line, 1 Down Point, 3 Enhanced Points, 3 Lines 4 Points

3. 5-Line Level:

4 Vertical Line, 1 Horizontal Line, 1 Down Point, 5 Enhanced Points, 5 Lines 6 Points


● Visibility: This self-leveling laser level uses a durable and stable high intensity laser transmitter which makes the laser line brighter and goes further. With 2 / 4 / 6 brightness enhancement points, this unit works decently in well-lighted working conditions.

● Automatic Horizontal Adjustment: With gravity pendulum and magnetic damp self-leveling technology, easy operation, fast adjustment. With 3° automatic leveling function, sound-light alarm for inclines of over 3°.

● Power Supply: Both DC (3Pcs AA batteries) and AC power available for this unit. Sound-light alarm for low battery. One rechargeable Lithium battery included. Automatic power-off protection, safe and reliable

● Base : 360° manually rotary heavy-duty aluminum alloy base makes it easier to adjust the laser lines positions, along with the high accuracy nested gear to make the rotation more smooth and stable. 

● Tilt Function Available: This laser level can make tilt lines based on your different purposes.

● Multi-Protection: Anti-fall, dustproof and waterproof, durable in long-term use


Laser line and horizontal line laser wavelength: 635nm; down to point: 1x650nm

Automatic square inch: ±3° over-range light shining

Launch angle: ≥120°

Horizontal accuracy: 5m ± 1mm

Vertical accuracy: 5m ± 1mm

Lower point accuracy: ± +1mm / 1.5m

Orthogonal accuracy: ± +1mm / 3m

Line width: 2mm/5m

Working environment: indoor / outdoor

Power: 3 x AA batteries or AC power