2000ML Classic Rubber Hot Water Bottle With Cute Knit Cover


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Rubber
Type : Hand Warming
Model Number : /
Product Type : Water-filling Hot-water Bag

Main Features

-Made with premium thermoplastic material to holds heat longer and keep
you warm and comfortable in the cold winter.

-Wide-mouth design to make it easy to fill and screw-down lip to
prevent water spitting back out, safe to use.

-Comes with cute cartoon knit cover to help hold heat longer and make
it comfortable to grasp in hand and put on your stomach, preventing burns.

-Notice: Red = rubber hot
water bottle + knit cover with 4 different patterns. And it will be sent

Product: Hot water bag with knit cover
Material: rubber + knitted yarn
Color: multi-color optional
Size: 32*20cm

Capacity: 2000ml