20Pin Display Port Male To HDMI Female Adapter Converter DP To HDMI For 1080P HDTV PC


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Overview and Specifications:

This product is suitable for video interface. It is the input of the Dispplayport device and HDMI or DVI display device connected to the Dislplayport interface of this product. It needs to access the graphics card or the host can not connect to the display terminal (ie sink) product built-in conversion chip. Converts the DISPLAYPORT signal to an HDMI / DVI signal that meets HDMI 1.4 requirements and achieves 10.2G bandwidth, such as adding a DVI cable to a DVI display device or an adapter for HDMI conversion.

1.Perfect support for the highest resolution 1080P
2.Support DisplayPort signal to DVI / HDMI signal conversion
3.Support 20pin DisplayPort interface
4.Support video bandwidth up to 10.8Gbps
5.Support QXGA resolution output
6.Support 1Mbps bidirectional auxiliary channel
7.Support one-way, single-channel, four-wire connection
8.Support hot swap
9.Built-in conversion chip, no external power supply required

10.Strictly designed according to DisplayPort standard, in line with Apple DisplayPort specification, stable and reliable signal transmission