280KG 600Lbs Electric Door Magnetic Lock, DC 12V Door Electromagnetic Lock For Access Control As the Picture


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: S280D

1: Working with electromagnetic suction, the maximum linear
force of 280KG (600Lbs), with indicator signal feedback

2: Professional high-strength aluminum alloy material, internal
sealed waterproof design, waterproof and rainproof, stable and durable, the same
harsh outdoor environment is used as usual

3: The hex screw design of the stolen device, the magnetic lock
uses a hexagonal screw, equipped with a special screw wrench, and security
anti-theft, when the lock is installed outdoors, the person on the outside can
not disassemble it,

4: Information feedback normally open normally closed signal,
can be used with the alarm system,

Lock body size: 250*46*25mm

Suction plate size: 180*40*11mm

Maximum pulling force: 280KG

Input voltage: DC12V

Working current: 500mA

Applicable door type: wooden door, glass door, metal door, fire

Applicable temperature: minus 10 ° C -50 ° C

Applicable humidity: 0-95%

Built-in reverse current protection (MOV)

Anti-residual magnetic design