3 in 1 Anti Barking Stop Bark Dog Training LED Ultrasonic Anti Bark Barking Dog Training Repeller Control Trainer Device – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

– Ultra-sonic Dog Pet Repelled Banish Training Device Trainer with LED 
– You can train your pet to be obedient, corrects misbehavior and stops barking. 
– It is based on the theory that ultrasound (more than 20KHZ) is above the upper limit of human hearing.
– It is super ultrasonic and 2800mcd strong white light. It can activate visual and additive activation to dogs, cats and other animals, but there will be no effects on people.
– A must item for pet owners
– Perfect for training many kinds of dogs,pets.
– Trains pets to be obedient, corrects misbehavior and stops barking
– Expel ferocious dogs effectively and protects you from vicious dog attack
– Used as a torch at usual time
– Simple turn the switch and use
– Effective, but no harms to human and pets
– Protable,convenient and easy to use
– Exquisite workmanship with high technology.

1: Drive the dog: The circuit adopts the pulse-shifting scanning mode, which produces 125dB of powerful ultrasound and 2800mcd of strong white light, which can produce strong stimulation to dogs and cats (not heard by human ears). Used to effectively expel dogs and cats;
2: Training dogs: When using the dog training file, the ultrasonic head emits a relatively weak and stable ultrasonic wave, which is used to train pet dogs, military dogs, and police dogs to perform specific actions.
3: Lighting: Turn the function switch to the first gear and press the BEAM button to use it as a flashlight.
Power: 9V laminated battery
1. Train the dog: Turn the function switch under the product to the middle position and press the button switch BEAM above the product.
2. Drive the dog: When encountering a bad dog, turn the function switch to the last gear, aim at the bad dog, press the BEAM button switch, the dog is frightened or fleeing.
3. Lighting: Turn the function switch to the first gear and press the BEAM button to use it as a flashlight.
Remote control dog:
Subjects 1. Training: The dog has a fixed bowel movement.
Subject 2, training the dog to run far away without people calling, just press the dog to drive the dog back immediately
Subject 3, training the dog to sit down.
Subject 4, training standing.
Subject 5, training the dog to roll on the spot.
Subject 6, training dogs jumped to eat.