3D printed carbon crystal silicon glass plate platform


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Item Type : Glass Plate
Model Number : NS0174

Strong adhesion
Traditional printing model adhesion
1. Printing needs to be affixed with textured paper, laborious and easy to break
2. Matte sticker + solid glue makes the model difficult to remove and damages the sticker
3. The solid glue has been used for a long time, and the platform residue makes the bottom of the model unsightly
Come try the lattice platform
Impact resistance and high temperature cycling
New technologies create new experiences
Technical principle: The composite nanomolecule coating will appear super viscous and strong after heating, and it will refuse edge warping, without masking paper or solid glue.
Carbon crystalline silicon
Excellent performance, durable
Inorganic coating, hardness up to 8 Mohs, surpassing the hardness of aluminum and copper, can withstand high temperatures of 400, can be used repeatedly without loss of performance.
High hardness and good thermal stability
Tempered glass, impact resistance is 3-5 times that of glass of the same thickness.
Has good thermal stability, can withstand a temperature difference of 3 times that of ordinary glass, can withstand a temperature difference of 300 °C.
Easily take molds without tools
After the printing is completed, the hot bed is naturally cooled, and the prints can be easily removed without any tools.
The flatness of the glass itself is high, and the surface composite coating is printed uniformly, resulting in a high flatness of the entire platform, which can be played at a time.
Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, easy to clean
There is a thin layer of protective film on the surface of the composite coating to prevent scratches and dust. After repeated use, just wipe with clean water or alcohol to get a new look.
Technical principle: Microporous composite material coating, array into a microporous structure, the temperature of the platform is reduced after printing is completed, the microporous structure) shrinks and then extrudes the printed part”, in order to achieve the performance of easy to take the mold.