3D Printer Automatic Leveling Module, High Speed Leveling Sensor Module


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Item Type : Sensor
Model Number : NS0097


Product weight: 58g

Product size: 160 × 20 × 8.5mm

Packing size: 120 × 90 × 10mm (packing weight: 85g)

Product material: plastic

Product color: white

Product use: for 3D printer platform leveling

Working temperature: -20 to 40 ° C

Lead length: 1M (with 2P port, 3P port, DuPont port)


1. The 3D printer motherboard is equipped with an auto-leveling module. With reference to the physical characteristics of the pressure sensor, it has been successfully developed after several optimizations and debuggings. Short trigger time.

2. Simple product structure, easy to install and maintain.

3. High accuracy, leveling repeatability can reach ± 0.05MM.

4. Service life average times> 50 times.

5. Strong anti-interference ability, not affected by platform material, ambient light, ambient temperature and humidity.