3D Printing Accessories Flexible Coupling Winding Stepping Motor Thread Encoder Aluminum Alloy Coupling 5825mm


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Item Type : Flexible Shaft Coupler
Model Number : NS0040

Name: 3D printing accessories, flexible coupling, winding
stepper motor thread encoder, aluminum alloy coupling 5825mm

1. Uses: 3D printer, can absorb vibration, compensate radial,
angular and axial deviations, buffer and dampen.

2. Product size: φ19mm height 25mm

3. Aperture: 5 × 8, mm

4. Color: Silver

5. Net weight of product: 16g / pcs

6. Material: Aluminum alloy

7. Applicable: Suitable for 3D printers with a shaft diameter
of 5mm and a screw of 8mm

Product advantages:

1. Simple structure, convenient installation and easy

2. The middle elastic connection has the functions of
cushioning, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shaft

3. Fix the shaft center by tightening a few meters of

4. Aviation aluminum alloy, integrated equipment imported from

5. Same clockwise and counterclockwise rotation


1. Please make sure that the model you purchased matches the
model of your machine accessories. If you have any questions, please contact

2. When installing, please ensure that there is a gap of 0.5mm
or more between the motor shaft and the screw.