3kg / 0.1g Precision Electronic Scale with Tray Weighing Tools


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Other
Rated Load : 3kg
Model Number : 8006 3kg
Power Supply : 2 x AAA电池
Display Type : LCD
Accuracy : 0.1g
Size : 14X10X1.7cm
Capacity : 3kg/0.1g


Maximum weighing: 3000g;

Minimum accuracy: 0.1g,

Display size: 2.2 inches;

LCD display: 5-digit LCD display;

6 conversion units: g / tl / ct / oz / kg / lb;

Counting function: The ‘PCS’ key is a counting function.

Product material: Stainless steel + ABS;

Power: 2XAAA battery.

Product features: This electronic scale is of good quality, stylish and elegant, with a 2.2-inch display. The large stainless steel table is convenient for precise measurement of larger products. With ‘PCS’ counting function; can convert 6 units, strong practicability and wide range of use.