3W Multifunction LED Headlamps 3Modes Flexible Light For Camping Hiking Fishing


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Overview and Specifications:

1. CREE bulb Telescopic zoom Strong headlights Three-speed mode adjustment (dimming, with strong light/low light/SOS flash, three functions can be switched at will.)

2. The straight stripe design of the exterior maximizes heat dissipation

3. Focused beam, strong penetrating power, dense fog with low visibility, thick smoke, illuminate target

4. Since the flashlight is too strong, do not illuminate the human eye. It is super bright and glaring, and can cause blindness for a short time.

5. Special work needs (such as inspections, search, on-site inspection, security, sea first aid, etc.), outdoor activities (climbing, camping, survival, hiking, diving, fishing, hunting, etc.), professional needs (such as appreciation of jewelry, gambling, etc.) ), suitable for family standing

Net weight: about 58 grams

Gross weight: about 80 grams

Lamp holder: 3W plastic ASB telescopic headlight (lamp life up to 100,000 hours or more)

Beam: mirror reflector

Continuous light time: 1: 2.5 hours or more (strong) / 2: 8 hours or more (weak)

Irradiation distance: up to 160-350 meters

Brightness: the first glare ≥ 240 lumens. The second gear high frequency flash 10HZ/S, the third gear weak ≤ 120 lumens (third gear adjustment)

Use battery: 7th battery

Product gear: highlight / low light / flash

Lamp life: 100,000 hours (theoretical value)

Voltage: 1.5V

Battery: 3*AAA