450g/Box Mini No Strip Depilatory Extra Film Hard Wax Pellet, Waxing Bikini Hair Removal Bean For Men Women White


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Ingredient: 凡士林、白矿油和维生素E Model Number: YM-8338
NET WT: 450g Smell: Lavender
Gender: Female

1. Long life and convenience: The wax formulation is heated and smoothly carried out in a microwave oven in a matter of seconds. No messy strips are needed, simply peeling off gives you a soft, smooth skin that lasts up to 8 weeks without hair. You can get the most comfortable beauty salon at home.
2. Easily remove hair: Can be used on the legs, armpits, underarms, back, abdomen, arms and hands!
3. No trouble, no pain: more effective and painless than traditional waxes, our wax beads are mild and suitable for all skin types.
4. The unique mineral oil added to allergic skin can improve the adhesion to the hair without affecting the skin. It also eliminates the bacteria and aging horniness on the surface of the skin, and the hair removal effect on the hands and legs is particularly good.
5. Try the wax temperature on the back of the hand before use to avoid burns. The wax is applied to the pattern of hair production with a thin layer of wax. After the wax is cooled, the wax is pulled off in reverse.

6. The product is composed of petrolatum, white mineral oil and vitamin E, which is harmless to the human body and can also achieve cosmetic effects. And through MSDS certification, customers can use our products with confidence.