48W UV 24-LED Nail Lamp For Manicure Gel Nail Dryer Drying Nail Polish Lamp Auto Sensor Manicure Tool


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Commodity Quality Certification : 3C
Model Number : SUN5PLUS
Material : Plastic


15s quick-drying function, 99s painless mode,
memory function, soft start at boot, better protection of lamp beads and longer
life. 24 chip led lamp beads. Faster and better toast thumb nails.

Advantages: No glare, dual light sources, infrared sensor,
sunlight, no black hands, multiple time timing functions, removable bottom plate
for cleaning and internal wiping, intelligent sensing


Power: 48W

Number of lamp beads: 24PCS

Dual light source: UV + LED

Wavelength: 365nm 405nm

Material: ABS

Size: 236 * 195 * 155mm

Weight: 562.3g

Timing: 15s, 30s, 60s

Plug: EU, US Plug

Digital Display

With digital display (induction clockwise, timing

The wavelength of the LED light: 400nm, 500nm. It is visible
light. It is the same as ordinary illumination light, and it has no harm to
human skin and eyes.

The wavelength of UVA: 320-400nm. The wavelength of common UV
lamps is 365nm. UVA attacks the dermis and even the subcutaneous tissue. A small
amount of UVA can cause great damage to the skin. More importantly, UVA can
cause great damage to the skin. More importantly, UVA damage is cumulative and
irreversible, so UVA is also called UA Aging. Long-term exposure to UVA can
cause acute keratitis and conjunctivitis, chronic cataracts and other eye
diseases. Therefore, the use of LED light therapy machine can avoid the damage
of ultraviolet rays to the skin and eyes, which is beneficial to human health.
(This machine uses led lamp beads).

* Fast Curing Speed

The use of LED cold light machine greatly speeds up the curing
speed compared with ordinary ultraviolet UV machines, saves the irradiation
time, and thus improves the efficiency.

* Environmental Protection

Traditional manicure ultraviolet mercury lamps are harmful to
the human body. As soon as the lamp tube is easily damaged and broken, sometimes
you need to buy a box of phototherapy lamp tubes. The cost of recycling is huge.
The LED lamp is a semiconductor light-emitting device, and does not contain
organic harmful substances. Because of its small size, it will not be broken and
it is easy to dispose of waste products.

* Advantage

The use of LED lights has the advantages of energy saving, low
cost, safety, long life, and easy to carry.

* Wide Application

LED lights are suitable for all phototherapy glues for nail

Can be used on both hands and feet.