4Pcs TL-Smoother Plus Addon Module With 4pcs Heatsink 3D Printer Accessories Filter For Pattern Elimination Motor Filter


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Overview and Specifications:

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Item Type : Other
Model Number : NONE

Color: TL-Smoother Plus plugin

TL-Smoother is an add-on module for stepper motor drives for 3D printers. The card has an isolating diode (freewheeling diode) for the motor output, so the induced voltage can be prevented even when the drive is de-energized. Adding a heat sink to the base of the module can effectively dissipate heat during module insertion, reduce heat and extend module life.

Radiator size: 26mm * 20mm * 6mm / 1.02″ * 0.78″ * 0.24″
Heat sink material: aluminum
TL smooth size: 48mm * 25.3mm * 7.6mm (1.89 inches * 1 inch * 0.29 inches)
Weight: 0.02 kg (0.04 lbs)

1. The 8 large package (SMC) diodes have better heat dissipation and can handle larger motors than small diodes.
2. Reduce noise and reduce vibration.
3. All boards use a consistent chip diode for a more stable signal and longer life.
4. Usage: Connect this TL-smoother module to the appropriate drive socket and motherboard motor.