5cm x 10m Titanium Tone Exhaust Pipe Wrap Tape Thermo Bandage for Motocycle Car


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name  Exhaust Thermo Bandage  
Material  Ceramic Fiber  
Length  10M / 32.8ft  
Width  5cm / 2"  
Description: •Strong and pliable,abrasion resistant.
•Excellent heat insulation performance,long service life.
•The way this works is by keeping the heat inside your manifold and not letting the heat escape into the engine bay.
•Exhaust Wrap will increase the velocity at which the exhaust flows through the system.
•Intake temperatures will also decrease with effect of the heat wrap cooling the engine bay.
•Extending your engine life.
•Extends life of plastics parts,hoses,wiring,prevetenting dry rot and early break down.
•Insulation cloth protects driver and mechanics from burns temperatures.
•Not only for the use of headers,wrap hoses,pipes,tubes,turbo/supercharger hardware and more.
•Widely used for cars,motorcycles,trucks,ATV and so on.
Installation Note: •Due to the fiber properties of the material,be sure to wear gloves before installation and try to wear long sleeves.Material itself non-toxic harmless,please rest assured that use.
•Material is high temperature and anti-corrosion effect is very good,there will be no fire burning and encountered water and the like corrosion phenomenon,please rest assured that use.
•Try to keep the wrap as snug as possible as you go and continue to the end of the pipe
•The insulation cotton with a tight rotation around the exhaust pipe with a clamp can be fixed.