600V 36A 3-Position Double Row Screw Terminal Block – Orange (5 PCS)


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Overview and Specifications:

The item is 5 pcs Nylon screw terminal barrier block. These terminals are used to facilitate the connection of the wires. 
It is actually a section of metal sheet that is enclosed in the insulating plastics inside, both ends of the hole can be inserted into the wire.
There are screws for fastening or loosening, such as two wires, sometimes need to connect, and sometimes need to break, 
then you can use the terminals to connect them, can be disconnected at any time, without having to weld them or wrapped in together,
it's very convenient, Widely utilized in a variety of lamp, decorated lighting, factory, household appliances and power distribution cabinets, 
distribution boxes and other transmission equipment, specially point at wire, cable access and out.