70mm Body Fat Caliper Skinfold Body Fat Tester Skinfold Measurement Tape With Measurement Chart Body Health Care Tool


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Overview and Specifications:

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Model Number : SK001


full set Skin-fold Body Fat Caliper can accurately measure your body
fat, help you know your figure statistics, and urge you to keep a slim
& charming figure and a healthy body.

to read, check your results on our measurement chart. Just match the
results from the caliper tool with your age and get the results.

Includes a Care Touch Caliper Tool, Care Touch Measure Tape and Measurement Chart for men and women.
Accurate measurement. Measures your body fat by gauging your skin-fold thickness, not based on your weight or height.
Gets quick and accurate results in just 3 quick steps. Pinch. Click. Read.
Made of high quality ABS material, eco-friendly and durable to use.


Measurement Range: 0 to 70mm
Material: ABS
Quantity: 1 set
Color: Black
Package Size: 18 * 17 * 3cm / 7.1 * 6.7 * 1.2in
Package Weight: 69g / 2.43oz