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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Applicable People : Male
Model Number : w85118
Material : PU Leather

1. The back of the hand and the special thick fabric (the inner liner is an international standard type) can play a protective role and is a rare training product.
2. The inside of the glove is made of cotton fabric. For those who have sweat, this glove is the best choice.
3. The self-adhesive adhesive buckle is used on the wrist, and the glove is not easy to fall off during training.

4. The surface is made of high-grade pu leather, which is much better than the material of ordinary gloves.

Product Name: Tiger Claw and Half Finger Gloves (Finger Boxing Gloves)
Size: Adult code
Weight: 230 g / vice
Material: high-grade PU leather foaming one-time forming liner
Color: black / red / blue
Uses: sandbags, fighting, fighting, training, competition