AIBBER TO High Power E007 LED Zoom UV Light Flashlight 395nm Torch UV Adhesive Curing Travel Safety Detection Lamp 18650 Battery


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Overview and Specifications:

1.Brand Name: AIBBER TONE
2.Model Name:E007 Zoom UV light
3.Quantity:1 PCS
4.LED Emitter: XPE UV led
5.Mode: 1-Mode
6.Lamp Life:100,000 Hours
8.Emitted Color:White Light
9.Switch:Tail Cap Clicky/Clickie
10. Lens:toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating Convex lens 
11. Material: Aero grade aluminum alloy 
12.Battery:1 x 18650 / 3 x AAA battery
Note :
   (now on the market usually more Uses inexpensive blue UV light LED, and can not really
reach the UV ultraviolet light to detect light effect)
Quality guarantee:
     Our company production of UV flashlight UV light is in strict accordance with European USAstandards. lighting chip UV nm rigorous equipment testing, astigmatism unification,
 penetrating strong. Guarantee 100% UV nm quality standards.
Application areas:
1.medical devices.
2.disinfection sterilization. curing.
4.Metal crack, crack detection.
5.photocatalyst, light detection. detect detector device,
7.anti-fake detection ,
8.medical measurements and biometric security testing
9.hydraulic leak.
10.According to Amber, arresting scorpions, and examination of tickets. Passport, credit card, identity card.
12.animal urine test. 
13.fluorescent powder, phosphor agent detection.
14.Ore, jewelry, jade detection
15.Paper towels, facial mask, cosmetic, children's toys, books, clothes…….