AIBBER TONE 4W2R White Red LED Scuba Diving Flashlight Torch, Underwater Photography Light Video Lamp


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Overview and Specifications:

Hand-held split diving flashlight.Constant current drive circuit, use a 26650 lithium battery or a 18650 lithium battery.
Waterproof 100 meters.
Professional microcomputer chip low power tips and low power protection function, according to prompt operators as soon as possible ashore.
And protect the battery to prevent excessive discharge of lithium batteries.lens.
Unique electronic anti-anti-installed design, even if the battery does not cause damage to the flashlight.
It is a professional underwater Video and Photograhpy light
Product Code: DV4W2R
Model:  DV4W2R  multifunction underwater photographing Light
Bulb: White Light
4 x Cree White Leds     
2 x Cree RED Leds
PUSH Switch : ON/OFF            
PUSH Switch 2S' :  Low (W) > High (W)  >  Low (R) > High  (R)  >  Strobe (White) >  Strobe  (RED)
Reflector: no hotspot design, no reflector
Body material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminum.
Angle of light beam: 120° 
Surface treatment: Premium Type III hard-anodizing.
Color: Black
Battery: 26650 / 18650  Li- ion battery *1 
Waterproof: 100 meters underwater
Dimensions: 136mm (length)*38mm (dia. of body)*45mm (dia. of head).
Impact resistance: 1.5M.
Weight: 210 grams 
Operation Instruction: Successive switching ON- OFF 
within two seconds to cycle through High,  Low, strobe1): 4 * CREE XPG2 & 2 * XPE Red  LED , Max 1000LM
2): spherical head, easy to fill light angle adjustment, and installation
3): switch, mode change: (with memory function)
On / off: advancing forward
Mode change: push keep forward for 2s, the pattern automatically changes
Low (White)> High (White)> Low (Red)> High (Red)> SOS (White)> SOS (Red)
4): hand rope hole, with anti-skid design, can be placed upside down
5): special submarine photography fill light, do not disturb the red light
6): diving special tempered glass
The torch has a power protection function, and the inverted battery will have no current output
If you do not need to use for a long time,Please turn the tail half-turn counterclockwise
,To ensure that the power is turned off completely
Built-in intelligent control system, power supply By 1×18650 Battery /  1×26650 Battery
Flashlight is a light output device, in continuous use, will produce a lot of heat.
1: Do not open the flashlight in an unattended place.
2: Do not let children use the torch.
3: Do not let light direct exposure to animals or people's eyes.
4: When storing or transporting the torch for a long time, remove the battery.
5: This product supports 100m diving, please do not exceed this range.
6: Use a lubricant to protect O Ring and thread before each dive.
7: Please use silicone grease to lubricate the product. Do not use petroleum-refined lubricants.
8: It is recommended to use the battery with a protective plate, so as not to reduce the use of flashlight effect and life.