AIBBER TONE CREE LED Diving Fashlight, Underwater 100m Waterproof Lanterna Torch


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Overview and Specifications:

Maintenance Tips: 
1.Do not shine the light beam directly into eyes. 
2.Do not installing the battery reverse polarity. 
3.Store your flashlight without their batteries to prevent any possible corrosion from battery leakage.
4.Always recharge the battery when the light goes dim, thus overwork of batteries can be avoided and lifetime could be extended. 
5.After use, you should wash your diving flashlight thoroughly in fresh water along with the rest of your equipment. 
6.Clean, lubricate and inspect the O-rings, that would better for the flashlight's long-term use. 
7.Clean the battery and electrical contacts. 
8.Store your dive lights in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.