AIBBER TONE USB Charging Blue Laser Light Pen Pointer Flashlight + AIBBER TONE LED Key Chain


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Overview and Specifications:

Can use as mobile power, charge your mobilephone(android system) when it is power off.
Use your laser pointer to point at any desired targets on projection screen, video.
Across the sky,allowing you to find the stars in the fan days you want the stars,is the leader in the vast sky.
Be able to light a cigarette when adjust focus on it.
Power saving, lightweight, suitable for putting in your pocket or handbags.
This laser pointer can be used for presentation, teaching indicator.
This high quality laser pointer adopts the latest technology optics and microelectronics.
Press-button switch at the bottom, no need to keep holding when use it.
Body color: Silver
Laser Color: Blue
Body Material: Anodized Army Regulation
Switch: constant on/off button
Light ran ge: 1000-8000meters
Battery: High capacity Rechargeable build in battery
Focus Mode: Rotate focusing
Wave Length:450nm
Beam Style:continuous line
Start Time: <0.5 second
Don't point it to eyes!!!
Keep it away from children!!!