AIBBERTONE Motion Sensor Solar Lamp Outdoor Waterproof Wall Light LED Solar Light Energy Saving Yard Garden Security Lamp


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Overview and Specifications:

Technical parameters:
Solar photovoltaic control and infrared human induction
Solar panel: 6V 0.45W, 1 7% efficiency conversion rate
Lithium battery: lithium battery, 3.7V/2200 mah
The LED power: 2.5 W
Lumen: 320 lumens
Night induction: <1 0 lux (lighting unit)
Induction Angle and distance: 1, 20 degrees, 3 meters
High brightness delay: 10 seconds
Switch: off/automatic
Lighting mode: off/off/light
Product features
Human induction and photocontrol induction two-in-one design
Charge and store electricity during the day, lighting at night
The day is filled with electricity for more than 12 hours of lighting
Waterproof grade IP64, heat resistant, durable
Intelligent energy saving
Operation instructions:
1. Activate the product: please insert the pin pin into the On/Off hole and trigger the switch
Install the product: install the lamp body on the outdoor wall with the expansion screw
Charge: during the day, the solar light will charge and recharge automatically. Please turn the lamp to the sun so that the solar panel can recharge the battery better
Nighttime induction: at night, the LED light will enter the induction mode itself, and someone will walk past it
High brightness mode: when someone is active near the lamp, it will trigger the light and highlight the mode automatically
Note: please fill the device with electricity for the first time. If the LED lamp is in duplicate flashing mode, the product is in low power mode and needs to be charged. When the sun is weak, it takes longer for the battery to fill up