AIBBERTONE Portable Waterproof Battery Case Box with USB Interface Support 6×18650 Battery for Bicycle LED Light / Mobile Phone


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Overview and Specifications:

The 18650 waterproof battery pack is mainly optimized based on the traditional 18650 8.4V lithium battery pack. Optimization has the following advantages:
1. This battery box has the XP7 waterproof function.
2. Do not use spot welding battery, which can greatly reduce the internal resistance of the battery and improve the battery discharge performance, thus effectively improving the battery life.
3. Easy to use, can use two or four sections 18650 lithium battery.
4. Have DC connector input and output voltage 8.4 V. USB connector output voltage 5V, current 2A, equipped with charging function of mobile phone.
5. Power display function.
Weight: 172 g
Size: 11.5 X8X5. 7 cm
Product specifications:
1. Overcharge protection voltage: 8.4v
2. Protective voltage: 5v/
3. Current overshoot protection voltage: 9v
4. Standby current: below 10ua /
5. USB output standard voltage: 5v plus or minus 0.2
6. USB maximum output: 2000ma
(the battery needs to be aligned to the positive and negative, otherwise it will burn the battery box.)