Air Disinfection Card Neck Hanging Sterilization Card Space Disinfection Card For Home Office School Workplace Bus School


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Air Freshener Use : Home
Function : Antiseptic
Model Number : XD007
Shape : Other


Name: Neck Hanging Sterilization Disinfection

Main Active Ingredients And Content: The
product is a slow-release disinfectant with chlorine dioxide as the main active
ingredient, and the effective content of chlorine dioxide is > 2.0%.

Dosage Form: granule

Specification: 50g

Bactericidal Category: It can kill
staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and candida albicans.

Scope of Use: Suitable for disinfection of
spaces such as homes, hotels, schools, office places, public health
environment, etc.


Easy to use and staying power up to 3

Strong in physical sterilization and
decomposition at all times;

Natural materials, safe and reliable;

Small in size, easy to store and carry;

Say goodbye to traditional disinfection


1. Take out the disinfection card and hang
it on the neck through the lanyard.

2. Remove the outer package of granules and
take out the inner packaging bag.

3. Place the inner packaging bag into the
disinfection card.


1. The product is a space disinfectant, and
it must not be taken orally and cannot be directly smelled by nose.

2. It cannot be mixed with products of
other manufacturers.

3. Avoid high temperature and direct

4. Place it where children cannot easily
reach it.

5. When the contents are scattered to the
outside, please wipe them in time.

6. Please stop using it in time if you feel
uncomfortable in use.

Emergency Treatment:

1. When eating by mistake: Do not vomit,
rinse your mouth with water immediately, drink water or milk after rinsing your
mouth, and see a doctor immediately.

2. When entering eyes: rinse immediately
with plenty of running water, and see a doctor immediately.

3. In case of contact with skin: rinse
immediately with plenty of running water and clean with soap. If there is any
abnormality, please see a doctor.