Air Purification Sterilization Disinfectant Slow-Release Chlorine Dioxide Sterilization Granules For Home Office School Hotel


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Air Freshener Use : Home
Function : Antiseptic
Model Number : XX009
Shape : Liquid
Feature : Eco-Friendly


Name: Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection
Granules (Slow Release Type)

Main Active Ingredients And Content: The
product is a slow-release disinfectant with chlorine dioxide as the main active
ingredient, and the effective content of chlorine dioxide is > 2.0%.

Bactericidal Category: It can kill
staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and candida albicans.

Scope of Use: Suitable for disinfection of
spaces such as homes, hotels, schools, office places, public health
environment, etc.


Safe Formula: The product uses green, safe
and nontoxic chlorine dioxide disinfectant as the main ingredient.

High-efficiency Sterilization: The product
realizes a long-term and pervasive purification effect in a special
slow-release gaseous form (intelligent slow-release technology), and has a germ
elimination rate of up to 95%.

Compact But Powerful: A bottle of product
can effectively cover the disinfection range of 20 square meters.

Widely Used: Suitable for disinfection of
spaces such as homes, cars, offices, schools, hospitals, offices, public health
environments, etc.

Mechanism Of Product Action:

Chlorine dioxide has double oxidation
effect, can adsorb and penetrate biological surface into its interior,
effectively destroy its enzyme system, resulting in the death of pathogenic
bacteria such as microorganisms due to metabolic dysfunction. The air contains
a large number of pathogenic bacteria, especially in crowded public places,
with a large number and complexity of microorganisms. Chlorine dioxide
sterilization boxes, sterilization cards and sterilization sachets can
effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms in the air by releasing chlorine
dioxide gas as an effective component, and can also eliminate peculiar smell
and refresh the air. Therefore, chlorine dioxide is an ideal environmental