ALIVER High-Class Beard Grooming Kit Gift Set Beard Oil Beard Balm Beard Shampoo Boar Bristle Brush Wooden Comb 5-in-1 For Men


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : M-1
Material : fiber
Size : M-1


Perfect Gift Set: The high-class beard
grooming kit comes with all the essential beard care products – a beard balm, a
beard oil, a beard shampoo, a boar bristles brush and a wooden comb, which is
ideal for anyone with a beard or mustache, or thinking about growing one.

Beard Balm: Need to store in a dry area.
When using, please apply it on the area where you want to grow hair or the
thick beard and massage until the balm is absorbed.

Beard Oil: Made of natural ingredients and
is not greasy. Regular use of it can make your beard stronger and healthier.

Beard Combs: Perfect to help your beard
grow and stay in good condition.

Beard Brush: This brush does not contain
any composition. The bristles will not fall off and irritate your beard and
skin. It is suitable for facial beards of various lengths.