AoTu Outdoor Hunting Tactics Sight With Light 1TM4.5-18X40


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Overview and Specifications:

Performance Parameter
 (image quality requirement) The image is clear, need correction distortion,field curvature, color shading
   (parallax) ≤0.5D
   (reticle displacement) ≤1.5MOA
  (FOV) ≤0.5D
   (adjust screw) "Regulating range in a straight line, no empty back, sounds silvery
  (exit pupil ) ≤10mm
   (view of angle) 19°
  (reticle) second reticle
       (Magnification) 4.5-18
          (Specification) 4.5-18×40
 (Reflex Lens Coating) Multilayer coating
        (Overall Light Transmission) >85%
  (Objective Lens Diameter) 40
   (fieldangle) 4.5°-1.1°
          (Parallax) ≤1MOA
      (Parallax Correction) 100yds
/mm   (Exit pupil diameter/mm) 8.9-2.23
/in   (distance of exit pupil) 3.5
/m    (Focusing range) 15-∞
        (Adjustment Type) Outside
        (Click Value) 1/4MOA
    (Spiral Direction) clockwise
(elevation/windage adjustment range): ±40MOA
12 gear including gap gear 
      (resistance): 3.5kg
Apperance  Parameter
      (Finish & Coating) Anodize
          (Color) black Tyhone
      (Texture of material): Aluminum alloy
        (Tube diameter) 30mm
          (Marking) according to you
          (Length) 315mm
          (Height) 65mm
          (Width) 70mm
       (Weight) 1005g
 Physical Properties
(impact) 1000g 5 times
 (fog-proof) "Minus 15 ° (30 min) can't fog or dispersed within 6""
 (water-proof) 52℃ 10inch deep,3min
 (repeat clamp reticle displacement) ≤1.5MOA
(reticle displacement after the shock) ≤1.5MOA
  (operation temperature range): -30°~ +50°
  (storage temperature range): -50°~+70°
      (Mounting Styie)
       (Battery) CR2032
      (Battery Life) 3000
        (power supply  ) 3v