Auto Car Cone-Shaped Window Windshield Ice Scraper Snow Remover Deicing Tool


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Item Length : 14CM
Item Width : 10CM
Item Height : 5.5CM
Item Weight : 0.072KG
Material Type : Plastic


1: The conical ice scraper has a wider side that covers more areas to scrape and remove snow from the car, while the other side of the conical shape is an icebreaker.

2: The end of it has mini spikes that protrude from it,so if there’a large build-up of ice on your car windows,you can tap the end of it on the ice,and it’ll easily break away.

3: The round scraper uses an 18-inch large scratching surface to remove ice and snow from the window twice as fast as conventional scraping.

4: The round scraper can even easily remove the most icy frost from the window, it will not scratch the glass when used,safe to use.


Product:Cone-Shaped Windshield Ice Scraper