Automatic Toothbrush U Type Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush For Adults


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Commodity Quality Certification : CE
Age Group : Adults
Model Number : Q7-820
Material : Imported silicone
Size : One PCS
Quantity : 1
Type : Rotation Type

Are you still using the traditional electric toothbrush now? Why not try our new U Type automatic toothbrush? You do not have to move your hands now. Just put it into your mouth and let it do the job,  convenient and time-saving.
Fully automatic 
The U-type toothbrush brush your teeth the minute you put it into your mouth. You do have to move the brush, for it will do all the jobs for you.
Powerful vibration for complete clean
The electric toothbrush delivers 28200 to 40200 times of gentle vibrations to remove plaque fastly and completely.
6 cleaning modes for personalized brushing
It has 6 different cleaning modes: Clean, Whitening, Polishing, Gum Care, Massage, Auto
15s Fast brushing for fast and convenient cleaning experience
Long-lasting electric toothbrush for 25 days use per charge
Portable mini design, convenient to carry