BASEUS Car Fragrance Solid Air Freshener Mini Loop Decor Air-vent-fit Vehicle Non-irritating Fragrance


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Vehicular incense
Shape : Solid
Model Name : Baseus circles
Item Length : 45mm
Item Width : 45mm
Item Height : 25mm
Item Weight : 0.12
Item Volume : 30g
Material Type : Plastic+Alloy
Special Features : Car fragrance to remove peculiar smell


1. The shape adopts the circle design style, with smooth lines, beautiful and generous appearance, metal appearance and craftsmanship, which is convenient for storage and carrying.
2. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy by grinding, matte forging, and is not afraid of exposure to the sun or rust. At the same time, it has good frosting texture, exquisite and high-grade.
3. It is easier to install and can be used normally by clamping the air outlet of the air conditioner. It is suitable for most models and has strong adaptability.
4. With the new upgraded solid nano core concentration technology, the fragrance can be locked, lasting for 365 days. The fragrance core is pure natural extraction, 0 alcohol content, non-toxic and harmless without side effects, which can be used by pregnant women and children.
5. Fragrance is the third generation of ring fragrance, with black, silver and red options to meet the personalized needs of users.