Bicycle Water Bottle Holder Polycarbonate Can Cage Bracket 360 Degree Rotate Cycling Drink Cup Holder Accessories Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: 0223 Weight (g): Other

1. The fixed seat can be rotated 360 degrees, the buckle can be adjusted, and it is easy to fix,

2. Quick release design, tool-free installation, easy installation, suitable for a variety of bicycle / mountain bike /, installed in the driver, faucet, front tube, front fork, upper tube, front and rear seat tube can be,

3. High-grade all-plastic steel material, toughness and super strong under normal use

This product can be installed on a variety of adult bicycles, mountain bikes, baby strollers, children\'s tricycles, umbrellas, easy to install, disassembly and assembly without any tools. Can put a variety of sports bottles, beverage bottles, bottles, etc.

The jaw part of the bottle cage can be rotated 360 degrees and can be adjusted to any angle, which is suitable for both straight pipe and inclined pipe. The material of the cup is tough, elastic and not easily broken.

One button can adjust the angle, the lower part is large diameter design, the support is more stable

The plastic of this product has a strong toughness, can be expanded to 8.5 cm in the original 7 cm diameter, and is not easy to break.

Chuck diameter: 25mm-50mm

Water cup diameter: 70mm-85mm