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Overview and Specifications:

[ HUMANE & NON-TOXIC ] – The bucket trap utilizes non-toxic bait such as peanut butter. It is non-poisonous, non-toxic, and does not utilize a spring-loaded mechanism, making it safe for pets and children. This design avoids the danger of getting a finger or paw caught or snapped.Fill 1/3 of the bucket with water to be fatal if you wish or catch and release them from the bucket. SANITARY NO-TOUCH design make sure NO POISON, NO BLOOD , NO KILL.
[ AUTO RESET TO CATCH MULTIPLE MICE WITH ONE TRAP ONLY ] – unlike glue trap, snap trap and all other kinds that catch only one or two mice, this plank mouse trap is reset automatically to keep catching more and more mice. You only need
one plank mouse trap to catch all mice at your place instead of keeping buying a bunch of other traps. It is REUSABLE and very EFFECTIVE!!! For better results, you are advised to put two traps on a bucket.
[ REUSABLE & EASY TO CLEAN ] – Counterbalance with block wood and inserted magnet provide the trap with resilience force and reusable possibility. It is also very easy to clean up both the trap and the bucket.

Do you see small tracks and tail trails in dusty areas?
Do you see areas where wood has been gnawed?
Do you see smears along baseboards and other areas?
Getting tired of trying so many mouse traps but didn't work out?
Are you still using mouse poison?
Are you Still using sticky / glue trap?
Are you still using mouse cage? or others?
Is it really perfect to catch mouse?
This mouse trap has a 98% success rate when set up correctly, once that mouse smells that bait he's a goner.

1.Take this trap out of its packaging and find a bucket.
2.Place the mouse trap on the bucket.
3.Find an object or a long stick and put it next to the bucket to make way for the mice to go up the bucket.
4.Add some peanut butter, cream or other baits on the end of the plank.
5.Fill the bucket up 1/3 ways with water if you wish for the trap to be lethal.
6.Now Wait…

1.The edge thickness of the bucket should be less than 0.35inch.
2.Tight or loosen the screw opposite the magnet under the planks to achieve better trapping effect.
3.This trap has the ability to be lethal or non lethal, if you wish the trap to be fatal fill 1/3 of the bucket with water.
4.The mouse jump height about 15inch,so the bucket need to be higher than 15inch.
5.Reference bait: cream, peanut butter. Please try other bait if no mouse come, If your bait can not be smeared, please use a rubber band.
6.Set up two traps on the bucket for even better trap results.

MONEY GUARANTEE: We aim for a 100% satisfaction rate with all of our customers. If you have any problems of our mouse trap or you could not receive the item, we make sure to refund or send a replacement.