Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver 2-in-1 USB Bluetooth Adapter For PC TV Car Home Stereo


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Bluetooth Standard : Bluetooth v4.1
Model Number : WFX385
Package : Yes


This extremely portable, lightweight
wireless audio transmitter and receiver 2-in-1 is an ideal wireless audio
solution for a wide range of situations and uses.

Transmitter Mode: Wirelessly streams audio
from your non-Bluetooth TV, home stereo system or CD player to your
Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers.

Receiver Mode: Wirelessly streams audio
from your Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet or computer to your wired stereo,
speakers or headphones.

Mode Switching: 1. If the device has been
in a mode for a long time, it needs to be re-energized twice to switch to
another mode. 2. If the device has just switched mode, and you want to
immediately switch it to another mode, you only need to re-energize it once.

RX Mode: Pairing Name: KN320; find KN320 in
the Bluetooth settings of the phone to pair. The blue light flashes during the
pairing process, and the blue light stops flashing after the pairing is
successful. Connect the product to an audio device with a 3.5mm audio cable. TX
Mode: The TX mode will automatically search for other Bluetooth receiving
devices, such as Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth receiver, etc.
The red light flashes during pairing, and the red light stops flashing after
pairing succeeds. Connect the product to a device such as TV with a 3.5mm audio
cable or RCA audio cable.

Portable Audio-Streaming Power: The KN320
is just 18mm/0.63” wide and weighs only 18g/0.63oz, but has got powerful
wireless audio streaming capabilities. Slip this transmitter and receiver into
your backpack or laptop bag and take it on-the-go without slightest effort.

Broad Compatibility: Coming with 3.5mm
audio cable, this receiver and transmitter 2-in-1 adapter can be widely used on
your computer, laptop, home stereo system, headphones, smartphone, MP3 player,
CD player, etc.