BRM-10AA 80-250V AC to 380V AC 10A Single Phase Solid State AC-AC Relay


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Overview and Specifications:

High reliability,high efficiency and long lifespan.
No electric spark,no noise and no contact.
Fine electro magnetic interference,high sensitivity and fast switching speed.
Low drive voltage and current.
Unique shape and novel structure.
Especially suitable for corrosion, moisture,dust resistant and other harsh environments.
Widely used in many automatic control systems.

This is solid state relay BEM-10AA 
Model: BEM-10AA 
Input Resistance/Power:80-250VAC
Output voltage: 24-380V AC
Output current: 10A
Control Mode:External Controlling Potentiometer
Insulation Resistance:1000M ohm/500VDC
Ambient Temperature:-30C – +75C
Protection Character:Resin Soldering
Off Leakage Current: less or equal to 2mA
Mounting Method: Bolts Fixed                                                                       

Matters Needing Attention: 
10 to 25A radiator cooling,more than 25A must on the radiator and fan cooling.
When Installation,solid state plater and radiator with smeared thermal conductivity silicone grease.
After installation,check the insulation resistance between output and radiator radiator grounding is not recommended.
Output requirements concatenated fuse or and the varistor.